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/Carpenter_Miles_Burkholder_1889-1985 Mon, 02 Nov 2015 09:44:24 EST <![CDATA[Carpenter, Miles B. (1889–1985)]]> http://staging.encyclopediavirginia.org/Carpenter_Miles_Burkholder_1889-1985 Miles B. Carpenter was a prominent twentieth-century folk artist. In 1912 Carpenter purchased a factory in the Sussex County town of Waverly, which he turned into a lumber mill. He later added a sawmill and ice business to his enterprise. Carpenter began woodcarving in 1941 but had little time to spend on his work until he closed his lumber mill in the 1950s. The artist began sculpting animals and then people, utilizing both whittling and assemblage. By the 1970s Carpenter's work drew the attention of collectors, and he began exhibiting his works in one-man shows. His autobiography Cutting the Mustard was published in 1982.
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